Faulty ECU Remapping: Common Issues Your Car Can Experience

Car owners always aim to have the best driving experience possible with their beloved vehicles. This entails doing everything they can to keep the car in tip-top shape, which is why car owners are always looking for ways to improve their vehicles’ looks and performance.

At some point, car owners who strive to improve their vehicles may have heard or considered car remapping. Car remapping involves modifying its Engine Control Unit (ECU) or replacing the existing system with new software to optimise its performance.

In this blog, learn how hasty and unprofessional, or even DIY ECU remapping can wreak havoc to your car and cause a perfectly functioning vehicle to have engine problems and other issues. Read on for all the reasons why you should do your diligence when choosing an engine remapper service provider:

Diesel Engine Issues

Car remapping services today offer modernising diesel engines to add more power and torque to vehicles. However, an engine remap of replacing the old with a modern one can cause problems when you hire the wrong service provider. 

When this is the case, the car engine emits black smoke, and the DPF filter can have certain problems that can be expensive to troubleshoot. Novice tuners can find it hard to troubleshoot DPF filter problems as they may not know the ropes around the system of engine adjustments.

Engine Overrun

Experienced tuners know that engines can be pushed to their limits when an inappropriate modification is made. When car owners are unaware of this and run to an inexperienced tuner, the car engine’s internals may be pushed to extreme stress, causing fuel economy to suffer. When this happens, engine components can break down and make the entire engine dysfunctional. 

Expert engine remapping services can provide your car engine with the appropriate modification to achieve optimal performance without damaging or pushing it beyond its capability.

Engine Upgrade to Downgrade

Car owners opting for an ECU remapping aim to boost car performance but choosing an untrained or inexperienced remapping service can make one’s car engine performance from an upgrade to a downgrade. This means that instead of having better performance, the car performs poorly, especially if it runs into certain issues caused by the experimentation made by the unprofessional service. 

This is one of the primary considerations of wise car owners, making them look for certified professionals to have their ECU remapping service done. It’s important o find a company with a solid track record in tuning cars successfully.

Erratic Software Installation

One of the most crucial installations in an ECU remapping is the software. Your car remap should sport the most up-to-date software compatible with the car’s system and model. Car owners can have problematic software installed on their car units that may cause damage to the computer system of the vehicles. 

A cheap tuner may have saved you money on the onset, having your car remapped and optimised. But car system issues, especially problematic software installation, can cost you more than you would have spent on hiring expert tuners.


In summary, car remapping gives your car a boost in performance, maximum fuel efficiency, power, and bolstered top speed. Having background knowledge about car remapping can save you from having inappropriate and unwise installations, modifications, and replacements. Ultimately, having a trusted car remapping service will guarantee expert procedures to upgrade your car into its best shape and performance.

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